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Dub your videos in any language. Instantly.

30+ languages and accents to choose from

We support a variety of international and Indian regional languages. Our voices go into the detail of breathing and emotions. Use this on your explainer videos, training videos etc.


We are here to help you

Frequently asked questions

Who is this best suited for?

This is best suited for educational/explainer type content the best. In short, if you are a content creator, Dubverse hits home!

How do I get access?

Visit our demo at; test it out, if you like it, fill in the waitlist form.

How long does it take to get access?

We are a small team, but we assure you we will get back to everybody

What are the pricing plans?

No pricing plans. Dubverse is free. No strings attached.

Can I get custom voices made, I want to clone my voice?

Please submit a request throught the contact us page with your use case. We will get back to you.

How safe are my private YouTube videos?

100% safe. We do not log the data unless you raise an issue ticket.